Sunday, 27 July 2008

Quick quiz with a prize!

UPDATED: Hi, I've added a few things to the prize

Evening everyone,
I was going to do some blog candy when I got to 5000 hits but somehow I've missed the boat, so here's your chance to win a prize. All you have to do is work out the correct answer to the question, post it on my blog and I'll draw the winner from all the correct entries on Sunday 27th July at 8.00pm GMT.

I have shown a photo of the paper pad, but there will also be some ribbon and images and a few other bits and bobs, I will try to get another picture tomorrow

Feel free to post on your blog, but you can enter anyway even if you don't.

So here is the question
This is a 5th grade math problem.
This is not a trick question.
This is a real math problem so don't say that a bus has no legs.

There are 7 girls in a bus. Each girl has 7 backpacks. In each backpack, there are 7 big cats. For every big cat there are 7 little cats.

Question: How many legs are there in the bus?

Good luck


ImitationAngel said...
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ImitationAngel said...

10,990 Legs

Lisa M. said...

10990 legs (whew!)

Rach said...

Hi Gill,
blimey had to read that a few times....hehe.
i have worked it out the same as the above comments.
10990 legs
but nobody mentioned the bus driver...if he is included then the answer will be
hugs rach.xx
Didn't know if you wanted the workings out shown....

Maya said...

I`ve got the same answer 10990 legs,and that not included the busdriver ;)

Hugs from Maya

Gill said...

Hi guys,
there is no driver, he's nipped out for a mocha latte!!
hugs gill x

Heather said...

I worked it out to be 10,990 also:) I should have cheated and peaked at the other comments;) !! whew!!! How will I survive 5th grade math, lol:)

Sharon said...

I've got the same answer 10,990 after reading the question over & over again lol!!
Glad you cleared up the business about the driver !!
Sharon :-)x

Rach said...

Good morning Gill,
Just popped over to give you this award
hugs rach.xx

Bev said...

I get 10990 as well - that's some legs lol!!

Something on my blog for you hunny

Anonymous said...

Hello Gill :)

Fun question.. and my first answer would be 10990 as well.. but then I got to thinking, do you call cats legs, legs?
if not my answer is 14 LOL

Marlene x

projectr said...

there must be 10990 legs ... that's too many legs!

Doris said...

10990, it's too much:P

Hanne said...

There are 10 990 legs in the bus.

This was a fun way of making a blog candy, Gill!

Hugs, Hanne:)

Maz said...

The answer is 10990


flati said...

16 legs (the girls and the driver)
the cat legs are in the backpacks

hugs from Sonja

TheClint&LisBells said...

Hello Gill!

I thought this was too much fun and decided to join in just for the heck of it!

My answer is going very much against the grain of everyone else's answers. I say there are 7 pairs of legs, or a total of 14 legs IN the bus. The legs belong to the 7 girls in the bus. All the cats are in the back packs.

So I could be wrong. And that's ok, cos this is just too much fun!!

Big hugs!!

Elisabeth xx

Stacey said...

I agree with the others - the answer is 10990. This was my second attempt though, the first time I did all my working right and then got a bout of number dyslexia and scrambled the numbers up!

Thanks for your generosity! ~x~

Karin said...

Hi Dollie,

great question. I had to read it several times, and I still don't get the answer the other girls have.

I get stuck at 9618 that's including the girls.

Have a great day
xoxo karin

Lisa M. said...

Gil~ I emailed you and added the clickable email to my profile since you wanted to send me something...

have a beautiful day!

manderla-hobby said...

70 legs - 14 from the girls and 56 from the cats

Coach Dave said...

Good to see Joski is using footy4kids website forum to the full. That question was posted on their by me.